Gen. 1:3

Gen. 1:3
Let there be light.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celebrate: Live, Love, Believe, and Eat.

We celebrate with food.
"Eat, drink, and be merry!" King Henry VIII is famous for saying. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, holidays, we needn't look far for an excuse to find something to celebrate with a meal. My biggest celebration is that of family. To share a meal with those I love is one of the most basic pleasures of life. It is the glue that holds our family unit together. Not so much the receiving of nourishment, but the sharing of time together - to relax, slow down from the hectic day, and just be together.
"Love one another as I have loved you," Jesus tells us. We show love a number of ways. Preparation of a meal for another person is one. The giving and receiving of this gift can be priceless. Remember the look of surprise and joy on a child's face when they taste something delicious and new for the first time? Remember your joy when you were the one to give that gift?
This blog is dedicated to the preservation of the family meal time. Here we will share recipes, hints and tips on money and time saving meals, family traditions, new thoughts and ideas, and above all, faith. Make every meal and every day a celebration of life, love, and faith. I have learned to cherish my time with those that I love, for all too often it can be cut short.
It's easy for life to close in on us. We all feel overworked and underpaid, overburdened and underappreciated. It seems that everyone around us always needs something and there is no time left for me. At the end of the day, often the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen and make a big meal. But then my children come home. Both off at college now, our time to share meals together is limited. I have learned to love and appreciate them all over again, and realize how richly blessed I am to be able to be their mother. Out of all the stresses and strains of my everyday life, there is one thought I carry with me when I look at my family and those that I love:
Psalm 23:6 " cup overflows."
Lori Sinclair
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